NRA and HD Developed Classes

We offer NRA Classes for Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun.  These full-day classes give you the foundation you need to become a safe, competent, and accurate firearms handler.  If you are just starting out, or have been shooting a long time, these NRA Classes help you develop the skills that are imperative to master before moving on to more advanced training.  We also offer our Home Defender Courses that focus on the effective defensive use of a firearm in the home.

Advanced Classes

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Once you have established strong fundamentals, take your training to the next level with an advanced or tactical class.  Competency and accuracy must be demonstrated prior to enrollment in an advanced class.  Prior participation in the NRA Basic Course for your firearm of choice or another recognized certification course is required and pre-authorization by one of our Instructors is required for all of our clients seeking advanced training.