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(Previously Concealed Carry 1)


PLEASE NOTE:  NRA Basic Pistol Class or the equivalent certified course is required before enrolling in this class as well as demonstrated competence and accuracy of shooting skills without ANY safety violations WITH AN HDFT INSTRUCTOR . You MUST be pre-authorized by one of our HDFT instructors to enroll in the class.  Please contact us with any questions.


This class will cover: Review of all Safety and

Shooting Fundamentals, Legal Use of Force (Article 35),

Defensive Mindset, Defensive Shooting Techniques,

Physiological Changes in Deadly Force Encounter,

Discussion of Carry Methods and Gear Selection, Clearing

Pistol Malfunctions and Stoppages, Strong Hand/Support

Hand Only Shooting, Proper Method for Using and Drawing from a Holster, the Use of Cover/ Concealment, Multiple Shooting Positions and Shooting While Moving.

You will need: a belt-mounted Kydex or leather holster (no collapsible or soft holsters) that is mounted on your strong-side only with a sturdy belt, approx 200 rounds of factory loaded ammunition (rounds used will depend class performance), at least three magazines and two belt-mounted mag pouches.

The cost for this class is $175 and includes all range fees and materials. There is a maximum of 8 students per class. Please contact us with any questions.

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