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  • Do you offer the NY State 18 hour Concealed Carry Permit Course?
    We sure do! And we only allow 12 students in the class with 6 instructors at range time so you get a far superior training program. You will complete two classes to complete the 18 program. Enroll in "NRA Basic Pistol" (you will get Nationally recognized training with us!) AS WELL AS "Day 2: NY State Concealed Carry Training. You can complete the training in whatever order you choose and you will have all the required paperwork you will need at the completion of your second class to proceed with you permit application. You will have lots of time in class for all of your application questions. Please use this link to take you directly to the upcoming training page. Scroll through to enroll in the class and dates offered.
  • Where are you located?
    Hammer Down provides training in Penfield NY at the Genesee Conservation League as well as the American Legion in Scottsville. Class location depends on the season and range availability. Please see the location listed for the course. After registration, you will get all the instructions for your training.
  • Do you have a public gun range?
    No, we have ranges we use when we are holding classes only. However, by training with Hammer Down, if you wanted to join the Genesee Conservation League in Penfield, NY, they will not charge you the one-time $150 initiation fee! Just show them any certificate you earned from us when you enroll.
  • Do you offer private training or just classes?
    Although we encourage all new shooters to build a strong foundation with a full-day course, we do offer private training for individuals as well as private groups. Please contact us to schedule.
  • I enrolled in a class and didn't get any address or directions?
    At registration, you will receive a confirmation from the website (WIX). ADDITIONALLY, within a minute or two, you should ALSO receive a email with all the information FROM HAMMER DOWN regarding the training site address and important instructions for the day. If you do not receive it within a few minutes, PLEASE check your spam, promotions, and junk folders. Please contact us if you do not see it with a few minutes after registration.
  • Do you offer intermediate and advanced classes?
    Yes! We can help you meet your training goals with advanced classes or private training. However, we do NOT allow ANYONE to enroll in advanced classes without a Hammer Down Instructors approval and invitation. These live-fire action classes have safety, accuracy, and consistency requirements to be invited. Please contact us with any questions.
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