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pistol training
NRA Basic Pistol Class

Individualized training for one-on-one, family, or private group instruction.  If you're just starting out or want to advance in your firearms training, we can create a custom program to meet your specific needs.

This 8 hour course gives you the strong foundation of knowledge and skill that you need to be a proficient handgun user.  You will understand how your firearm functions and possible malfunctions and develop all the proper fundamentals of shooting that will allow you to safely advance in your firearm skills into concealed carry or other advanced courses.

concealed carry pistol

This advanced shooting course is for those who have demonstrated safe gun handling and accuracy to qualify to attend this course. You will learn how to safely draw, get on target quickly, shoot accurately, and safely re-holster.  You will begin to practice tactical and defensive shooting techniques utilizing cover and concealment. Course work also covers legal use of  deadly force (Article 35), the defensive mindset, practical considerations for holster and clothing choices, and helps prepares you for all that carrying from concealment entails. 

Concealed Carry Training

This course continues where Intermediate Concealed Carry left off, to help you advance your skills and training to be a safe and effective concealed carrier.  You must have completed Intermediate Concealed Carry and been invited by an HDFT Instructor.  After a short review, you will spend most of the day on the range moving while shooting and practicing safe and accurate shooting from all different positions.  You will run more complex drills that better simulate different shooting scenarios and utilize good decision making in your responses to threats.

Pistol Permit Classes


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