Self Defense Practice

"Before The Bang" provides students non-shooting hands-on techniques to learn and practice that can be utilized to defend and protect themselves from physical attack. This course is designed for those interested in learning hands-on techniques to help evade and escape personal assault with less-than-lethal options. 

This TWO SESSION course is taught by a martial arts instructor with decades of training and teaching experience at his training facility in Henrietta, NY.  You will be working in pairs to practice all the hands-on techniques taught during class.  Bring a friend or come alone, you will be paired up to practice and get the most from this important and practical training.  Add to your self-defense "tool box" and get the opportunity to practice physical techniques to disengage and defend yourself against a physical attack. Cost for this two session course is $125.  Please be sure to plan to attend on BOTH days listed.  Specific location and additional information for participation will be sent after your enrollment in the course.  Please contact us with any questions.