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(Previously Concealed Carry 2)


This 8 hour course picks up where Intermediate Pistol left off and is mostly live fire range time.  Participation in this class gets you more comfortable with drawing from concealment and shooting from various positions with movement.  You will be shooting from your carry holster in the position you intend to be carrying. 


This is an advanced course and clients must have successfully completed NRA Basic Pistol Class AND Intermediate Pistol.  Students must have prior-approval from a HDFT instructor to enroll in this class.  Clients must be shooting safely and accurately from concealment as demonstrated by their prior live fire practice before being considered for this class. Please contact us with any questions about this policy.

You will need: a belt-mounted Kydex or leather holster (no collapsible or soft holsters), sturdy belt, approximately 300 rounds of factory loaded ammunition (rounds used will depend class performance), at least three magazines and two belt-mounted mag pouches.  

The cost for this class is $175 and includes all range fees and materials. There is a maximum of 8 students per class. Please contact us at (585)340-7525 or with any questions.

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