New York State Pistol Permit Safety Class
NRA Home Firearm Safety


In New York State, every county has it's own requirements to submit a pistol permit application.  Some counties require a safety course and some do not state you must have one but, more and more, judges are refusing to sign permit applications until the applicant has had a safety course.

NRA Home Firearm Safety is a nationally-recognized course that meets the requirements for those counties that require a safety course.  Even if your county doesn't require it, we highly recommend you to take the course prior to submitting your application so that that you can include the certificate and speed the permit process as you are already demonstrating a dedication to safe firearm ownership.  Please understand that rules/applications change often and it is your responsibility to understand and follow the requirements of your county.

NRA Home Firearm Safety is a four-hour non shooting course and your $55 enrollment includes all required materials.