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UT/AZ/ and optional FL Out-Of-State
Pistol Permit Course Instructions


Thank you for enrolling in the UT/AZ/optional FL Pistol Permit Course. Just a reminder that you MUST have a valid NYS Pistol Permit to file for UT and FL pistol permits.  Additionally, you MUST have live-fire training to file for FL.  See below for details.

The class will be held at 411 Woodruff Road in Rush NY.  The driveway is fairly hidden but keep an eye out for our Hammer Down signs out at the driveway entrance.  When you pull in drive, you will see a large yellow metal building to the left.  Please park along the hedgerow to the left and class will be held in the yellow metal building.  Please do NOT go to the A-frame house.  We will begin promptly so please arrive early enough to be set and ready to go at our start time!

For this class, you will not need any firearms.  As safety is our utmost concern, there is never any ammunition allowed in the classroom.  Please leave any concealed firearms and ammunition locked in your vehicle.

As explained in the course description, in order to file your FL application, you MUST have a certificate from a nationally recognized pistol training program or certification from a Certified Firearms Instructor that MUST INCLUDE LIVE FIRE range training.  Military DD-214 as well as Law Enforcement LEOSA HR-218 certification is also acceptable.  You must include a copy of your training certificate with the completed application.  If you do not have a qualifying training certification, please join us for the NRA Basic Pistol Course (incredibly useful course) or contact us to do private training to reach certification.  Please know there are safety and accuracy requirements so new shooters will probably need several hours. If you are familiar with handguns and can handle and shoot safely and accurately, you may only need one hour.  Once the course/training is completed, you will be able to file your application.

We will be providing all the materials you need with the exception of your Florida Permit Application.  Please read this carefully!  You need to download your own application as each person is given a "T Number" which is tied to your application.  Please download the application and instructions, follow all directions carefully, complete the application, and bring it to class.

Click here for FL Application

Click here for application instructions

We will be bringing AZ and UT permit applications.  However, if you would like to look them over and/or get started prior to class, you can print them out from the links below.

Click here for AZ permit application

Click here for UT permit application

If you have any questions about the applications, leave them blank and we will go over it in detail during class.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to call or text (585)340-7525.  We look forward to seeing you in class!


Josh, Jennifer, Dana, and the Hammer Down Training Team

Call or Text 585.340.7525

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