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Hammer Down has partnered with D5 OPS to offer this unique training experience.  No permit? No ammo? No problem! This 4 hour course utilizes computer simulated training and takes you to the next level in your firearm handling, marksmanship, and decision making skills. 


This system allows for training drills and computer generated scenarios that interact with your movements and shot placement giving you a "real-world experience" like no other. 


This Simulator Course allows for you to develop your shooting fundamentals, marksmanship, consistency, and handling skills with computer generated drills, utilizing static and moving targets.  You will use accurately scaled and weighted laser guns to best simulate live fire range training.  If you are waiting for your pistol permit, or looking to refresh and advance your skills, join us for this unique training!  Cost for the day is $100 and covers all equipment and rental fees.



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