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For ALL shooters, we HIGHLY recommend the NRA "The Basics of Pistol Shooting Course" and it is required before advancing to concealed carry and tactical pistol classes.

This is an all-day (8:30am-5pm) course and covers:

1) Safety! This is always the primary focus of all our training.

2) Knowing your pistol - how it functions and common malfunctions.

3) Shooting fundamentals - all aspects of shooting and setting you up correctly for advanced shooting and tactics.

4) Live fire on the range. Plan for 50 rounds.

5) Cleaning and maintenance - you will disassemble and clean your personal firearm.


You MUST have a valid NY State pistol permit to participate. Class is held in Rush NY, the cost is $160 for the day, and includes all range fees and educational materials. You provide your firearm with case (or contact us for use of our pistols), 50 rounds of factory loaded ammunition, and a cleaning kit for your gun.

Successful completion of this course earns you a live-fire certificate which can be used to file for out-of-state pistol permits that require it (such as Florida).